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...... Victoriah......

Under a crimson hued overcast sky a ruined city does lay,
its bricks and mortar laying in rubble,
the dead scattered in the streets, upon roves they stay
Rotting and skeletal, they walk never more

Silent lays the city vast, death filling all its doors
A shadow creeping slowly ever more
A devourer of souls has sunk fang deep
For now it does not creep.

A single drop from on high
A crimson tear falls into pool, ripples to spread their wake
Beneath does lay a death, held briefly at bay
As the light fades, the sun does she curse
Words foul and ancient as the hatred in her soul

A ripple from within, a peek of skin pale and sleek
Rise she does, as the light dwindles from sky
A form perfect in all manner, yet clothed in gore
Eyes eternal in hunger forth into night do bore

As smile does part lips, she looks ever' more
A temptress, a delicious death that all adore
As she looks upon skull empty now in its rest
Word upon the wind is herd
"my lover, I am to you indebted for this bath, evermore"

.... forth does she go, a soft feminine laugh
a slow sensual step, and as she does
Wails this night shall know... and evermore.
Turning ever on
The wheel does spin
Knowing not its paths
It wonders blind and uncaring

The fresh green of newly born leaf
A promise made in passing of beautiful life
A hope of something better
A bright shining light held high

The bloom of spring; Health, fullness
A deepening of roots
A quickening of color
Deep now is the green
Life it brings
From Light it springs.

A creeping death
A sudden chill
Frost on a late spring morn
Promises broken
Hope extinguished
Life suspended

For a time yet to live
No joy to be had
A slow wearing away
Until that faithful day

All things come that way.
All things go unspoken.
Golden shines the sun, noon time has begun
Shining blissfully in the great mystery
A glorious day, a wondrous way
Upon the ways of life we run
Fallowing the sun
Tis a good day to live
A life in joy for a moment more

Laughter like music on the air
A golden delight, dancing within the light
Wind, scent, breath, life.
All are there

The scent of honey suckle caresses the senses
A grass field made alive in the breezes
Waving golden as a sea with speck of green

There in the glorious light do we sway
Hearing a music all of our own
As we are watched not, alone
A dance in eternity
A moment suspended
A day of joy and laughter and gaiety
Resound in the air and
Shining the sun laughs amid the air.

Love freshly blooming
A greater there is none
The sight of cheeks blushing
A laugh, a smile
In her eyes dance merriment
A new life begun

Where there was twain
Now there is one
Dancing she does shine
her hair intertwined
the sweat a silken sheen as
the dance floor she fills like a queen
all eyes on her, as she makes a scene

All eyes on her, she is the queen
save for one, gloomy night
in his eyes is only mean

a scream, eternity

she wakes surrounded by the dream
she walks in shadows unseen

surrounded by all
seen by none

she does scream

ripping and tearing at the seams
she is no longer the queen

her passing has come it would seem
and now stuck watching the scene
she screams

fate it seems is mean
as she watches each new queen

steal her scene.
sweat, heat
rubbing in the night
dark moans
deep groans
darker passions
unfurled with delight
spontaneous delight
found in the night
filled with joy
filling the night
oh what a sight

a temptatious delight
as each darkened soul
finds another in
the utter black of night

come the morning
they shall flee
lie shades of misery
but tonight
for this night

I and thee writhe in


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United States
Long Ive ventured down dark paths
Seeking light and life...

Many the sorrow Ive seen
More the stories ended in black and crimson

Though thru it all
Shadows have grown

Still do I hold that tiny light within

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Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote
Personal Quote: "Laugh In The Darkness." -me-

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